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los dispari a firenze

Seminar of musical interpretation

9-11 Novembre 2018

Complete Program

CClass theme:


1. Elegant posture, good hug, Leading...

2. Musicality: time and pause ... how to recognize them in music !!!

3. Walk for the double time.

4. Musicality: Double Time !!!!

5. Two different types of traspiè to dance the syncopations !!! How to recognize them in music, and how to lead them.

6. Musicality, all rhythms together: Controtempo, syncope, Time, pause, double time!


* Duration of lessons 1h and 30 minutes



Course prices:

Cycle Complete, all Lessons 120 euros

2 Lessons 55 euros

3 Lessons 80 euros

4 Lessons 105 euros

5 Lessons 120 euros

Single lesson 30 euros




* Practica “La Regadera” Friday November 9th WITH PRESENTATION OF THE MASTERS

   from 21:30 to 00:30 at the Circolo Arci "La Costituzione" Via Gramsci 560 Sesto Fiorentino (Fi):


   Ticket  5 euros


* “Milonga di Querceto” Sunday 11 November from 18:30 to 23:30 WITH EXHIBITION OF THE MASTERS

   at  the "Circolo di Querceto" Via Napoli 7/9 Sesto Fiorentino (Fi):

   DJ Raimondo Balboni from Rome


   Ticket  10 euros.


   To book tables for the Milonga send an email to or write in the chat of our Fb page       "tango y punto Firenze" with indication of the reference name and number of people.

   The tables with reservation will be hold until 20:00.


Possibility to dine in the restaurant of the Circolo di Querceto TEL 055 421 7421

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